How I Stay On Budget

Let’s be honest, being a fashion and beauty blogger is a pretty glamorous job. Starting out isn’t always easy though. You may think that you need a lot of money and clothes to get started but you don’t! I’m going to give a couple tips on how I stay on budget while blogging!

1. Buy Key Outfit Pieces

When I have some money to spend I try to only purchase items I can mix and match with other items. For example, a basic colored t – shirt, you can pair with different colored bottoms, jean jacket, or jewelry! Try not to buy to many one of a kind pieces as they will get repetative on your page.

2. Resale Your Old Clothes

I don’t keep my closet extremely full because I can’t afford to at the moment. So every couple of months I take my old clothes that I’ve gotten my use out and resale then at Platos Closet or any other place like it. I find that I do get the most money from Platos Closet though. Once I get my money I go shopping! You may not get as much as you paid for them in the beginning but it’s still something! 

3. It’s Not All About The Brand

When you’re just getting started don’t worry about the brands you’re wearing. Two places that are reasonably priced and have great styles is Forever 21 and MissGuided. Sometimes I will buy a little bit more expensive items if they are something completely different than anything I’ve seen. Just be wise with your money and only buy items you truly love!

Hope these tips help! Good luck!




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