Favorite Essie Polishes

I’ve recently taken of my acrylic nails because let’s me honest, it’s expensive! So I’ve started up my nail polish collection! Essie polish has always been my favorite! They are a little pricey at $9.00 a bottle but they are excellent quality! And their color range is huge! My favorite are all the neutrals they have. So here’s a list of my recent favorites. 

1. Eternal OptimistA spiced tea rose with a dash of cream

When I want a little bit of a pop of color I go for this shade. It’s a nice mauvey pink that’s still subtle.

2. Lady Like An elegant soft mauve

This is a true mauve! It’s so gorgeous.

3. Angora CardiA creamy, deep dusty rose

This is my go – to when I want a dark nail. It’s almost a deep pomegranate color. I love it.

4. Topless & BarefootA barely there soft beige pink 

This is your perfect nude shade! It has just the right amount of pink and beige.

5. Imported BubblyA sparkling luxurious golden beige

I wouldn’t describe this as golden, it’s more of a champagne/silver color. It’s great when you want a subtle date night nail.

6. Muchi, Muchi A creamy, luscious pink with a kiss of mauve

This color is great for a natural nail. It’s a sheer pink color. Perfect for a natural pink nail look.

7. Baby’s BreatheA powder – fresh, creamy white, perfect for a French manicure

This color is the same concept as Muchi, Muchi except it’s a white color. It’s just as sheer as the pink one. Perfect for a natural look.

8. All in One 3 – way glaze, base, top coat & helps strengthen 

Im all about saving some money so instead of buying a top coat, base coat, and nail strengthener I bought this. It’s only $10 so it’s a great deal! When you just use this it gives your nails a shiny look.

Let me know what colors you love!




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